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The key to project success is to communicate with customers and manage information

“The vendor does not produce results as expected” “Customers’ desires change rapidly” is a story that you often hear on the project site. Interest in the project management office (PMO) in the field of technological progress is increasing.

PMO Consulting

What is PMO (Project Management Office)

PMO stands for “Project Management Office”. In Japanese it is commonly referred to as “project management office”, “program management office”.
PMO refers to a department or structure system that crosses the support of individual project management within an organisation.
The main roles of general PMO are as follows.

  • Standardisation of project management method
  • Human resources development including project management training
  • Support for project management work
  • Various adjustments of resources and costs between projects
  • Improvement of project environment adapted to individual companies
  • Other related project management related work

Benefits of introducing PMO

Knowledge and technology of project management can be used not only in IT and large-scale infrastructure business, but also in all industries, industries, business types, and it will be a driving force for leaping the business.
Various merits can be gained by introducing PMO which supports projects within the company in a comprehensive manner. The Japan PMO Association aims to spread PMO in Japan with various approaches.
Source: Japan PMO Association Web


PMO Admin Service (PMO office)
We work on office work such as PC · account management of members participating in the project, administrative work such as expense adjustment, administrative assistance to the project manager, reservation of conference room, guidance of notice of holding to participants, preparation of minutes, issue management (ticket management) etc. Our PMO The administrator will help you.

PMO manager (PMO supervision)
Coordinate with stakeholders to make the project successful, and manage process progress, issues and risks. In addition, as a PMO, we standardize, knowledge and educate know-how as knowledge for customers to succeed the next project.

PMO expert (PMO quality control)
We will manage the quality of the PMO promoting the project together with the quality of the documents used in the project and document system management.

Cloud computing consulting


AWS, Azure, GCP In order to introduce it, you need to understand the advantages, challenges and characteristics of each solution, and to organize and examine the customer’s network environment, server environment, as well as operational processes. Our consultants will support the formulation (assessment) of cloud computing strategies.
Based on the results of the survey conducted in the assessment, you can implement cloud computing. But where do you start? The answer to this question can be found at the design stage of the IT infrastructure environment. This is an important milestone for the implementation of cloud computing and needs to be carefully considered. Our consultant supports the creation of a series of optimal cloud computing designs from end user use to infrastructure operation.
Companies are considering migration to cloud computing environments for various purposes such as cost reduction, disaster countermeasures, convenience improvement from existing environments. However, in order to safely migrate while maintaining consistency with the running system, careful preparation is necessary. Our consultant will support migration to cloud computing.
Maintenance and operation
Immediate migration to the cloud is completed and new operation starts from there. We support numerous new rules such as NW, security, account management and handling of disasters different from existing environments, support operation design, maintenance of procedure manual, design and construction of monitoring system to integrate into existing operations I will do.

IT outsourcing consulting


Companies who wish to outsource operation and maintenance of IT systems may worry about what kind of outsourcer they will be outsourcing. Our consultant supports planning, outsourcing project planning, start-up, business shift and stabilization, business improvement etc.
Service Level Definition (SLA)
How long do you want the outsourcer to rush in the event of a failure, how long will it take to restore? What is the balance between the demand and cost? We will consider not only the contents of the request but also indexes that can be measured objectively with the management company and support the definition of an appropriate service level.