Management and support of IT infrastructure project, Consulting

Basic Information Security Policy

This Security Policy document is aimed to define the security requirements for the proper and secure use of the Information Technology services in the Organization. Its goal is to protect the Organization and users to the maximum extent possible against security threats that could jeopardize their integrity, privacy, reputation and business outcomes.

[Information security control measures]

In order to maintain the confidentiality integrity and availability of information technology services properly, always pay attention to new risks and take physical, logical and human control measures to reduce and avoid the risks. Regularly investigate cyber security measures necessary for our company and constantly strive to practice the latest risk measures.

[Information security management system]

We will develop and operate a plan to promote information security measures, education / training, auditing mechanisms. In addition to incidents and accidents related to security, we will practice continuous improvements that will lead to reductions including signs and mistakes.

[Privacy protection]

Conforming to personal information protection etc., we will work on the protection of personal information at all the employees and all the sites of personal information handled in the PMO support project and consulting business

[Compliance with regulations]

We comply with information security and regulations and guidelines concerning services provided by our company and information security requirements on contract.

Fujii Inc
Representative Director Ryuta Fujii
Revision date July 1, 2018